Jonah Gouin is an American contemporary photographer whose practice is informed by both the physical viewpoints and emblematic perspectives of global environs.

His work comprises panoramic landscape photography and intimate portraiture that blend multiple vantage points, resulting in complex yet authentic depictions of subjects within a surrounding environment. Jonah’s compositional technique consists of bending his horizon lines and recalibrating focal points, resulting in an amalgamation of time and space.

His career has allowed him to document and interpret some of the most remote and enthralling destinations in the world. These include undiscovered underwater mountains in the South Pacific, the unlatched door of an Argentine military plane over Patagonia, the forest floor of the endangered Darién Gap, and molten lava cascades in Hawaii.

For Jonah, the camera is not only an apparatus to capture images, but also a means of entry into the profound stories of people and places. Through his wide-lens approach, he is able to encapsulate the essence and significance of a moment, transforming it into a dynamic visual presentation within an extended framework. These mesmerizing photographs aim to provide the viewer a substantially greater breadth of view.